Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hands of our NHS

Our NHS is currently under attack, facing a massive threat from the Tories and is in grave danger. Ihave seen the impact daily as I've been visiting my partner in Glangwili, West Wales General Hospital. Dedicated, compassionate staff under increased pressure, leading to low moral. Recent figures have emerged that 2/4s of hospitals have been warned about dangerous staff shortages.
This combined with creeping privatisation, major budget cuts and attacks on staff pay and pensions, and the ominous threat from the Health and Social Care Act and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) among other things.
Have recently  discovered that an £80 million contract to run cancer scans  for the NHS has been given to  a private health care firm with a Tory M.P  on board, despite a rival NHS consortium offering to carry out the work for £7 million less. Specialists of 11 Royal colleges have also witten to the health secretary warning that proposed  contracts for junior doctors represented  too, a real and immediate threat the current stated priorities of the NHS.
We should however be proud, that since 1948 that we actually have one of the best health systems in the world, regardless of age, social status, ethnic background or belief. It is ours, and belongs to us,  from the cradle to the grave. We own it and pay for it,providing local medical cover, available free to all, but slowly the Tory's are ripping it from our grasp. In the long term those that need it most, the chronically ill, people with mental health problems,the vulnerable and those from lower socio economic groups and older people losing out.
We must defend  and protect it with all our might, so that it can  continue to care for us,that puts people first not profit.
I would urge people to support or join the  protest "NHS NOT FOR SALE"" part of a National Week of action taking place 3-7 October, Manchester at the time of the Tory Conference.
Details here :-

Remember it our NHS the Tory's must be told to keep their bloody hands of it and give David Cameron all the contempt that he deserves. We must stop this valuable resource from being plundered in front of our eyes.
In the words of Nye Bevan " It will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it."

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