Friday, 25 September 2015

Shaker Aamer to be released

Just returned home from Carmarthen, visiting partner in hospital, a bit of an ordeal, but nothing in comparison to the one the  man pictured above. has had to endure. So fantastic to hear the  news that Shaker Aamer the last British resident of Guantanamo Bay is to be returned to the UK according to the UK Government. Wondrous, had been thinking of his case only this morning, and members of my local Amnesty international will be jubilant, I know those who have personally campaigned and battled for this day.
The earliest date that Mr Aamer could be released to the UK is 25 October. Yes it is good news, but sadly has arrived 13 years too late, does not account for the terrible ordeals he has been through and the absolute travesty of justice that has been reaped upon him. May he get the help and treatment he deserves for all the trauma inflicted, and allow his story to be told without any whitewash.
Lets hope he can be with his family and friends as soon as possible and not forget more than 100 other detainees who will be left behind in Guantanamo Bay. So as we celebrate time now  for Guantanamo to be closed once and for all..

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