Saturday, 12 September 2015

Lets welcome refugees not arms dealers

On the weekend before the appalling arms fair begins in London, lets not forget that the arms trade is a new form of intervention, that maintains and develops dominance-dependent relationships, that encourages repression and violation of human rights. Militarism leads to massive allocation of human and material resources to research and production in the military sector in all countries.. 
It is truly shameful that the arms fair is allowed to return to the shores of Britain every year to plough its deadly obscene trade. An event that should be condemned for the crimes against humanity that it causes. How is it that regimes criticised for appalling human rights abuses can  be given  official invitations by the  Government to attend  this sickening arms and security fair in London. Counties welcomed like Azerbaiijan, Kazaksthan, Thailand and Egypt, despite gross infringements of civil liberties.
A fair that fuels and profits from the current refugee crisis. It is bloody shameful and disgusting that the UK Government welcomes arms dealers with open arms -  fuelling helping conflicts across the globe- while at the same time refusing entry to refugees fleeing these wars.
A truly sickening spectacle in which arms dealers that are complicit in slaughter all over the world are allowed to set up stall here, whilst being promoted as a supposedly legitimate trade event.
The DSEI arms fair is a sickening global  display and showroom for bloodshed and profit, and should not be allowed to return to Britain again.
Today many people will be protesting in a big day of action against this immoral arms fair. Marching and blockading  saying refugees not arms dealers.

Lets welcome refugees not arms dealers - reading out messages to David Cameron.

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