Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tell me about it

Imagine someone suffering from depression or anxiety and being told constantly to snap out of it, or just to smile. It is not as simple as that. Life can often  be too unbearable, time does not always have a magic formula. Can cause severe disturbances in mood, perception and behaviour. These can effect a persons ability to cope with life's demands and routines. Sometimes all we actually need is a bit of patience and understanding. Some sensitivity, some kindness.
It is not something that can be quickly overcome, and is not a sign of emotional weakness. Generally not a lot of people are that informed about mental illnesses, and come out with ill-informed, uneducated statements, that do not help one bit. The stigma that we can suffer from can be immense, we need to confront these stigmas, and keep challenging the fears, myths, and stigmas that still surround mental illnesses. Each source of stigma, is a barrier that is difficult to overcome, that can shatter hopes of recovery, leaving an individual  feeling devastated and isolated.
There are so many misconceptions that we have to unlearn, I for one have witnessed, that it is never an easy road, that anyone, regardless of their personality, lifestyle or background can suffer from.

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